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We all know that all businesses that occur here on earth offer products or services to their targeted audience that include prospective and potential clients in order to gain profit. When your targeted market is not aware of your business, it will be tough on your part to look for customers who are willing to hire or buy your amenities.  We offer a place to all businesses with the same services to market your product, where a very special and great rate of interest is likewise given to all people, who are advertisers. In this way, we are deeply focused on the marketers who have services that can offer the greatest benefit to all potential migrants in the whole wide world.

Julian Swartz (JS) – one of leading companies in international internet advertising consultancies. There is a large number of global customers interested in these programs, especially internet advertising solutions. Therefore, if you are interested in the global market, we believe that your first-class services would fully satisfy their needs and be successful in such a promising market.

JS provides the service of directly approaching high net-worth customers globally through holding events. This service will help the foreign companies to find more potential customers worldwide. JS provides professional service to support international partners to seek an approach rich clients around the world, which is a completely potential market.

At Julian Swartz, we can assure you of attracting a lot of visitors from many parts of the world or From your targeted country, region, city, province, and State, that comprise of the United States of America, Europe, and the United Kingdom, Middle East and Asia. In this way, you will possibly boost the rate of your revenues and you will have a myriad of clients who will help you succeed in your chosen path. These are all possible because we have a lot of highly skilled workers who come from the different countries in the world. Aside from these, we provide a lot of job opportunities to those who seek for a job. So, if you are interested enough to be part of our trustworthy and dependable company, we are much passionate to help you.

We at JS are capable of advertising your business & Services anywhere & in any Country around the World from local to international.

We are confident to be the top choice for this service with 03 key strengths as followed:

  • We have an extensive database of high-end customers who are always interested in new ideas
  • We understand global market and how to run promotion and marketing to attract potential customers
  • Our professional staff have core competencies in English, customer services, and organizational skills

We offer for you full package, all that you need to do is coming to make the presentation, consult with customers:

  • We prepare and translate all documents into all languages
  • We invite our existing database of high-class customers
  • We do advertisements to invite customers to the event
  • We prepare everything for the event. All that you need to do is coming to make presentation and consult with customers, make the deal
  • We support you to follow-up customers after the event.

We Specialize in following channels of advertising and minimum Monthly budget would be accepted is £300 or equivalent to infinity paid by credit or debit card and we accept all major cards.

Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Online & Print Newspaper & Magzine Marketing

Google & Youtube & Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing


Word of Mouth & Content Marketing

Local & National Digital & Print Directories Marketing

Why do You need to Advertise With Us?

In advertising your service or product with our company, you will be assured that the revenue rate and the number of clients of yours will increase continuously and tremendously. Furthermore, if you choose us, you will realize that we are truly an amazing service provider. As a matter of fact, our homepage receives over 200, 000-page impressions every month in which you will be given more chances of finding more prospective customers. Also, we are considered as one of the most famous immigration discussion forums not just in the United Kingdom but also in the world in which we receive 1 million views each month. So, when you market your product with us, we can help you achieve all your business goals and objectives.

UK Section

This is the most popular part of our site where it receives more than 1 million page impressions each month. This is where most individuals visit the section for them to have concrete data about UK visa and work permit.

Apart from United Kingdom Section, there are other parts that you will be able to find on our websites such as Tax, Jobs, and Sponsor Whole News Sections, Germany Adoption Section, and Immigration News. With all of these, we can place all the information about your products or services depending on our agreement. So, at Julian Swartz, we can completely help you when it comes to advertising your business to a lot of people. Furthermore, you will be able to succeed in your chosen career, which in turn will benefit you in the long run.   

You can start advertising with us anytime and if you wish to cancel you can do so anytime. No fixed contract or term. Again if you wish to start your advertising with us, you can certainly start your advertising with us anytime. You also get payment receipts for your reference.

 Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884 Skype – mivisa1111 / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028

Calls may be recorded for quality, security and training purposes.