Along with the growing demand for workers all across London and Europe is the proliferation of various agencies offering different services, seminars, sets of advice, and any other information about working and living in European countries.
There are a lot of immigration consultancy firms nowadays, thus making it hard to tell if all of these firms have the proper accreditation as well as authority to offer highly satisfying services. Here is the quick list of FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions about the immigration consultants at Julian Swartz and the answers.

How long the consultation process will last?

Consultation will last for about thirty minutes. On the other hand, we at Julian Swartz are very sensitive to the fact that some will last longer than others and we will not rush our clients like you because we are committed to providing only the best services.
What we should expect at the consultation?
We will listen sensitively and carefully while you tell us why you have chosen and come to see us. We will explain thoroughly the different services that are available to you mainly based on the information that you gave us with. In addition to that, we will also consider your individual circumstances and at the same time discuss you both the advantages and advantages of your options.

Who will be my consultant/advisor?

We have experienced advisors/immigration experts/consultants/advisors staff from different parts of the world who can speak fluently in different languages that the majority of our clients speak. Moreover, we also have the staffs that primarily specialize in and most of all possess great experiences in different types of immigration applications. We will select the most experienced and qualified consultants depending on the information you have given and individual situation, and your personal circumstances.

What will happen right after the consultation?

It is up to you. You have the freedom to decide how you would like to proceed. If you would like, we can assist you in all your immigration matters.

How much it will cost?

It will mainly depend on the kind of immigration application, but we can assure you that we will inform you about the prices for our different services as detailed in the fee scale.

If I decide to use any of your services, do I have to pay consultation fee and fee for the service?

No. we think that will be unfair. In fact, once you decide to pay or use our full services, we will then deduct your consultation free from fee for the service.
Most people can be emotional when it comes to the immigration applications. Having a dream of going to different countries in Europe will no longer be a problem because we at Julian Swartz are here to make the process much easier. We believe that emotion can definitely get in the way, thus affect how you will fill in the form. We pride ourselves on being able to remove such emotion. You should submit the needed documents and at the same follow the process; we are here to help you jump through the hoops.

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