Theresa May’s pursuit of a global Britain, after the following country’s exit from the EU. In compliance with the above process she has made the visa process tougher and continuously aiming to restrict the number of people coming to the UK. 
As per the recent figures, released, in the year ending June 2017 Indians and Australians, who have accounted for 54 Percent sponsored Tier 2 visa applications, have experienced major decline from the previous year. The system being complex, and the government trying to cut down migrants numbers, around 85% of the companies have found difficult to sponsor Tier 2 Visa.

Australia has issued Britain with a warning, ‘do not make the UK visa system tougher after Brexit.’ Australia’s capital city, Canberra Officials said the issue of UK visas will have a bearing on any trade deal between Britain and Australia, post-Brexit. Australia’s warning comes amid UK Prime Minister, Theresa May’s, push to create a ‘global Britain.’
People often migrate to the UK using a Tier 2 visa for skilled workers, allowing them to work for a Tier 2 Sponsorship License holding UK employer. UK Government has tightened the process of UK visa system, which had made the Tier 2 visa process difficult for companies.
May’s self-proclaimed pursuit of a global Britain have led Australia and India to demand a more ‘liberal UK visa regime’,
The UK’s treatment of migrants, including those from Commonwealth countries, has been covered in controversy, especially since the EU referendum in 2016. The issue is expected to hit crisis point when the UK outlines its post-Brexit immigration strategy likely to be as early as autumn.
Business Groups and companies are disappointed as Australian workers have made substantial contribution to Britain’s economic growth. Australia and Britain have various trade deals amid themselves that contributes to the economic growth of both countries. The government would look to strike trade deals with Australia and India as quickly as possible, post-Brexit.

Business leaders don’t want EU workers subjected to the same salary thresholds and criteria that currently exist for non-EU migrants entering the UK via the Tier 2 visa system.
UK business groups, including the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), want to see EU workers given preferential treatment to access the UK labour market, a move the government is considering by handing out two-year visas to EU migrants aged 18 -30.
While giving preferential treatment to EU migrants might aid the UK’s Brexit cause, it’s likely to have the opposite effect during trade talks with Canberra and New Delhi.