UK Government has tightened the process of UK visa system, which had made the Tier 2 visa process difficult for companies. Tier 2 visas are required by applicants to migrate to UK for skilled workers, allowing them to work for a Tier 2 Sponsorship License holding UK employer.
As per the recent figures, released by the Home office, in the year ending June 2017 Indians, who have accounted for 29,800 sponsored Tier 2 visa applications, have experienced 4% decline from the previous year. The system being complex, and the government trying to cut down migrants numbers, around 85% of the companies have found difficult to sponsor Tier 2 Visa.
Indian nationals’ faces 4% decline in sponsored visa applications by the UK, and 9% decline in applications for US nationals,” the Home Office statement declared.
Lord Gadhia, favours UK visa for Indians.
Lord Gadhia, the British Asian peer, comes in support of Indians migrating to Britain highlighting various positive aspects of Indians. He urges the government to grant Indian nationals ‘favourable UK visa terms.
According to Gadhia, India’s skilled workers contribute hugely to the UK economy, while ‘enriching and supporting Britain’s position as one of the most open and welcoming nations in the world.’
As per the data, 97 percent of Indians exit Britain prior to the expiration of their visa, a compliance rate that’s above the 96.3 percent average for the top 10 countries whose citizens come to the UK.
UK Government continues to restrict the number of non-EU workers entering Britain. Along with Indians, the US and Australian citizens also face a downgrade in Tier 2 Visa applications. This system is going to affect the Indian nationals and also the UK companies, who will have limited access to non-EU skilled workers.
Indians to face immigration adversity not only in the UK, but with President Donald Trump, ‘America First’ Policy, the H1B and L1 visa systems to experience a downgrade with Indians migrants to the US.