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The New Fashion a trend has arrived in Europe and in America(USA) & in Canada & in Australia & in the UK to keep & use two or even more than two passports of various countries.

Ms Leah, now 27 was born and bought up in America, in the United States of America in New York. And is a great-granddaughter of an immigrant from Europe, basically from Ireland.
She has an American accent, but she is Irish. She cooks Irish food, she likes Irish songs, and she does everything Irish. She loves Irish culture and she is Catholic. Her Father owns various businesses and her brother 38 and his wife are also fully involved in the family businesses. They have their restaurant chains all over the USA and around the world. And they are wealthy. They completed their education from the worlds most prestigious business schools and now providing jobs to thousands of people.

Everyone in the family Ms Leah’s father, mother, brother, and herself are involved in the family business, managing and directing and administering the day to day business operations and everyone is having fun while working and living a luxury lifestyle.

Suddenly the coronavirus pandemic affected the world and the lockdown started and people started dying and getting ill and the situation becomes panic. No one in this era expected this kind of tragedy would come in the face of coronavirus.

And after months of lockdown and shut businesses, the situation becomes more difficult for many people around the world. But those like Ms Leah and people who have spare money, they thought of having a second passport, because who knows, how long the coronavirus will last? When the vaccine will come into effect? How would be the new normal like? What will be the future? And there are thousands of questions that arise in every person’s mind. You know the main reason Ms Leah’s family bought the second passports of Canada because the USA passport value decreased and many countries in the world didn’t want to accept the USA passport holders because of the vast spread of the virus.

And still, lots of people are trying to enter Canada illegally and even in other countries. Who thought in their wildest dream, that such a thing would happen to the most powerful and the richest country in the World. So, now the new trend is to have a second passport of Canada and even to have a third and fourth and fifth European and Australian passport, so that right now and in the future, if a similar virus or any other situation arises then the Americans and people around the world could save their lives and save their businesses by moving to the country where there would be safety and normalcy available.

Now the question is how Ms Leah and her family bought other countries’ passports easily and fast and legally?
So, the answer is through the “adult adoption”
What? “Adult adoption”? What is it?
To know about adult adoption visit our website and read the information and we are sure that you will understand the Adult adoption process.

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We can help you get your second and third and fourth and fifth passport fast and easy through adult adoption.