With the process of making UK visa difficult for migrants of other nations, it’s crucial for Britain to continue attracting the ‘brightest and best migrants from around the world’.
Amber Rudd, UK Home Secretary stated that UK visa for ‘skilled EU workers’ will be made available to continue attracting the top talent needed by Britain’s digital industry.  People from other nations, contribute hugely to Britain Economic Growth. The Home Secretary stated that British businesses should not be in fear of a ‘cliff edge’
As per Rudd, the government is ‘aiming to create an environment that works towards achieving sustainable levels of net migration while continuing to welcome foreign nationals with the skills that British industries rely on.’


The business leader is supporting skilled workers from other nations to enhance their growth. With the system being complex, around 85% of companies finding the Tier 2 UK visa process difficult.
Rudd in a statement addressing Britain’s business community, the Home Secretary said that ‘all those that have outlined their views, either publicly or privately, the government is listening. ‘He reassures business leaders that their concerns are being heard over a potential lack of skilled labour in the post-Brexit era.
The Home Secretary went on to state that she shares the business community’s vision of continually working to make the UK a prosperous country in which to live. She said that an accurate picture is needed of how much the UK economy relies on EU labour. The Government looks to piece together an industrial strategy that tackles the long-term challenges to the UK economy, once Britain exits the European Union.


Amber Rudd asked the MAC to examine the overall role of migration in the wider economy and to determine how UK immigration can operate parallel to the country’s industrial strategy.
According to Rudd, these meetings, and the work of the MAC will enable the government to execute a future UK immigration strategy that enables the country to take control of immigrant numbers, while working in the best interests of every part of the UK.

The government will continue to meet with business leaders and employers, during the MAC’s assessment, to hear their views and needs first-hand.
Amid promises of a UK visa for ‘skilled immigration’ talent post-Brexit, Rudd has commissioned the government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), an independent body, to carry out a major study into the contribution made by European Union citizens to the UK economy.