High quality registered original and unregistered printed Passports booklets, printed Visa stickers, Original unregistered Visa stickers, unregistered high-quality Visa cards, unregistered identity cards of United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Cambodia, Russia, Serbia, Brazil, Mexico…

** Product & Price list as follows-
** Courier charges not included & courier by DHL express international within 3-4 days

1. Canada visa sticker

2. Japan visa sticker

3. Malaysia visa sticker

4. Singapore visa sticker

5. China visa sticker

6. Cambodia visa sticker

7. Russia visa sticker

8. European visa sticker duplicate

9. European visa sticker original

10. Serbia visa sticker

11. Brazil visa sticker

12. Mexico visa sticker

13. I also make Spanish, Italian, British, Canadian, Austrian high-quality fake printed passports per piece price

14. I also sell original passports bought from the people PC(picture & data & E – Chip) changed as per your(customer) requirements – British old & new, Spanish old & new, Italian, Canadian, Malaysian, Singapore

15. Spanish residence permit (Espana Permiso de Residencia) card $2150

16. Spanish Espana marriage card

17. Spanish driving license card

18. United Kingdom driving license

19. Italy Soggiorno Visa card

20. United Kingdom national identity card

21. Portuguese identity card

22. Spanish medical card

23. Italy driving license card

24. Italy medical card

25. Original Malaysian Passport – Process – Customer needs to go to Malaysia and have to stay in Malaysia for up to 2 months and need to follow the passport and identity application process in real time. Total guidance will be provided by our agents in Malaysia.

For more info Contact Mr. Ravi Thakur or Mr. Raj Thakur on WhatsApp Contact number – 00447477117028 or on 00447444619884

Order online – Same material used by the immigration departments of various countries. Black Market price. Online hidden market. All our products are made and shipped from India, Pakistan, Dubai and from Bangladesh for various customer uses, example – money laundering(send & receive money), domestic and international travel, to open bank accounts, to show to landlords to get house, flat, apartment tenant lease, to get cash in hand jobs, to show to friends and family and to save lives also and for many other reasons.