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A guy in the USA, whose mother passed away and he had to look after his old father and his grandmother and he was just nineteen years old and to take care of him and his father and his grandmother and he used to work as a photographer in a photo studio nearby. And he used to earn just enough money to provide for his family. And when he used to come home he used to watch YouTube videos just to entertain him, but he was not happy when he used to watch those YouTubers videos, because he used to understand some mistakes made by those YouTubers while recording their videos and then mistakes in the editing and mistakes in uploading those videos.

He used to understand that their content in those videos was not original and the google search and the youtube search and yahoo search and being search and duck go search and dogpile search engines put any content at the front for the searchers if that content is real. So, he got fed up and he thought to make his own content and start a new YouTube channel and he created some real and new content and made some videos of himself and of his family and started making a documentary of everyday life and every day he started recording(shooting) videos of himself and of his family about the daily routine and he started posting those videos on YouTube. And suddenly he started getting millions of subscribers because his content was completely unique and real.

Similarly, if you have any business or if you are a YouTuber and if you are thinking why on earth you are not getting views and you are not getting subscribers.

Then the answer to your question is that you need to create unique and real content and then google and YouTube and other search engines would pick your content and put it in front of the viewers and subscribers.

Any Internet search engines are hungry for real, original, true, creative, and unique content. Whether that content can be a video or a blog or an informative article or information on your website. This is the crack to any internet search engine algorithm. If you want to crack google and YouTube and other search engine algorithms then you must create unique and real content.

If you want to make sales then your sales copy(copywriting) must be unique and must contain original valid information. To make a sale first you need to influence the buyer and the first snd foremost the buyer must start liking you. Then whatever you say the buyer would believe you and then the conversion would take place.

If you are selling anything a product or a service face to face or on the telephone then, first of all, try and listen to the customer problems and try and understand their issues and try to feel their problems and the desire and then influence them by providing the best solutions. Once the buyer starts to like you as a person then the buyer would buy even if the buyer didn’t want to buy at first.

And another most important thing is that even you may have different opinions on any viewpoint but never ever criticize your customer. Explain all the benefits the customer can get from your product or from your service. Explain to the customer how your product or service would make the customers’ life easy and would solve customers’ problems or issues.

If you are an entrepreneur, businessman, business owner, a businesswoman and you want to make an actual sale through the Internet, through your website, on the telephone, face to face, then the most important thing you must do is that you try your level best and impress, influence your customers and then create linking about you and about your product and about your services in their mind and then your product or service would be sold automatically.

Another most important thing you need to do is never hive up on your dreams. And perseverance is a key to success. If you try and try and try you are likely to get success. And to do that every day you need to create unique and real content related to your product or services in a form of a video or in a form of data. If you create unique and real content every day and post on your website, on your blog, on your YouTube channel then you are likely to understand first which of your content is getting more conversion, sale, reviews. Then when you understand clearly that a particular subject and a particular pattern is liked and viewed and shared and bought by the viewers, by the customers then you would be able to focus on that particular subject, topic and then try to create a similar type of content.

Another example of a person, who is also from the USA and he was a car salesperson and he sold lots of cars that no one on the planet earth sold that amount of cars. His name is in the Guinness world records. And up to the new year 2020, no other person on the planet earth is able to make that amount of car sales. On an average daily, he sold up to eighteen cars. And throughout his career, he sold more than thirteen thousand cars. How? Because he developed a technique which his all customers liked and his customers liked him. Why? Because he used to send greetings in a form of greeting cards to his customers by post almost every month and he used to influence his customers through those greeting posts. And because of that generations after generations bought cars from him. And Similarly, if you contact your potential customers and talk with them generally about their problems, issues, worries, likes and dislikes and then listen to them and try to understand them and once the customers start liking you then its easy to close any deal, it’s easy to close a sale.

Today if we look at the worlds most powerful passports then New Zealand tops the list and then followed by Germany and few other European countries and Japan and South Korea and here if you see that list carefully, you would see that previously the most powerful passport in the world was Japan and Singapore and those passports had access to more than one hundred eighty-four countries visa-free travel and now in this Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic New Zealand passport tops the list but the surprising thing is that the New Zealand passport has only one hundred and twenty-one countries visa-free travel allowed. So here the moral of the story is that if you have two or three or more countries’ nationality and passports then you can be beneficial for you for more than one hundred and eighty or nearly all the countries in the world visa-free access.

And are capable to help you get any country nationality and passports even in this COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic just in 30 days.

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About Network marketing 

Above all and everything and first and foremost you must have a burning desire for success. And you must be coachable and you must be able to follow the masters then you will learn their mastery. And You must be willing to work hard and you must use most of your time spend to work. And you must have, adapt, own perseverance, and you must not quit anything that you started and you must do that thing again and again and go to the next level and you must be able to continue your work and keep going.

There is a famous saying that “Success has a price tag, only those who are willing to pay its price will reap its benefits.” So, in that case, it is always good to pay the price before you become who you want to be so that the rest of your life would be comfortable and you will be happy. My wife who is a doctor and she always says that someone influential person told her and her classmates when she was in school that, if you work hard(study hard) now at an early age and spend more time on your learning and education and sacrifice everything else, then your rest of the life would be comfortable and you will have complete financial freedom and happiness in future. 

Work smarter than harder, because, if you just work hard into something then to complete that work it would take more time, so whatever you need to do first is that you imagine and think first and then make a plan and a strategy about how you going to do that work and then act and then you will be able to do that work(job) in an efficient way and you would save a lot of time. Someone a wise man said that if he had to complete any job in a sixty-minute time then, he said he would use fifty minutes to think and plan out the job and then once he is sure about how he is going to complete that given task that task he would complete in the remaining ten minutes.

You can earn a living during the day, but if you want to build a fortune and if you want to build an empire and become wealthy and rich and powerful and become a millionaire or billionaire or even a centibillionaire then you must also first start to learn to work during the night. And then your day and night hard work will help you get success.
Getting paid on the efforts your own is a lot better and efficient to get paid on the efforts of more people and someone a wise man who is also a billionaire, he once said that “I would rather get paid one percent of the efforts of the hundred people, then getting paid hundred percent on the efforts of my own”.

“Quitters never win and winners never quit” in this quote the writer says that if start anything and if you quit then you wouldn’t find success but if you keep going and continue then success will come to anyhow automatically. So never ever ever give on anything that you like to do and never give up on your dreams.

When you are selling something then first and foremost, you should make your customer feel good about themselves and make them feel special and influence them and make them to like you first and then you don’t even need to use any other sales tactics to sell your products or services and they will buy anyway even though that product or service was not on their buying list.

People say that knowledge is power but the truth is that “applied knowledge is the real power” because if someone has a lot of knowledge and he or she is not applying that knowledge on anything then it is not worth it but if that knowledge is used then that is powerful. 
Training on the right way first and then practice and then see what you can tighten up and improve.

A burning desire and super coachable and willing to work are the things required for success.
Did you know that the facts tell but stories sell, storytelling is network marketing and is all about copyrighting(Writing a Sales Copy).

Do you know what is copywriting?
Normally most people think that copywriting is related to legal, law or about Copywrite or any policy, etc… but the answer is no, Copywriting is different from Copywrite and to help you understand what copywriting is, you read the following example of a copywriting e.g. A twenty two year old man went to a world-famous marketing company and asked for the job but they refused to offer him a job and he was a fresher but he was the future worlds best marketer and he knew that, he is really good and he knew his capability in marketing and sales and he was so confident in his marketing and advertising and sales field and to impress and influence the employer he wrote the following small note that note he handed over to one of the employee and requested to drop that note in the hands of the employer(the company owner) and yes the employee did accordignly and that note was “I can tell you what advertising is, what you don’t know, I know” and that note immidietly caught the attention of the company owner and he inquired that who wrote this note and immidietly that employee replied that there is one young guy sitting outside of our office and was asking for the job and our interviewers already refused to offer him the job in your company,and he wrote a note and reqeusted to pass that note to you the business owner. Suddenly the business owner got up and went outside of his office and offered that young guy the job. Do you know why the employer the company owner offered the young guy the job? because the note the young guy wrote made the employer curious and that curiousness immediately caught the full attention of the employer, so similarly the copywriting is something written which immediately catch the readers attention and make them curious to read more and understand if that writing is about something they didn’t hear or knew before and that is called copyrighting which is also called as a “Sales Copy” or “the copy that make sales” or “A copy that is capable to sale your product or service”. And to write a sales copy that sells, first you need to grab the attention of your prospects(customer). And then that sales copy must tell a story about the product or the service you are selling.

To be successful in any business, first of all, you must have access to most of the countries in the world. You must have at least more than two or three countries passports so that you can travel and reach any country in the world without the need for visas. Why you must have multiple countries passports if you want to be successful in your venture? Because business success is uncertain at the initial and at any stage and everyone needs to pour lots of capital into their business(s) and in case if anyone runs out of cash(capitol) or if they have any licensing or any permissions related issues problems from their current residing and business operational country then if you have multiple countries passports then first and foremost you don’t need to apply for the visas and waste your time and if you have multiple countries passports then you are not bound to your current residing country. And immediately you can relocate for good to any other better country where you can peacefully do business, grow your business and you can move to a nice country where you feel safe and secure and you can relocate to a country which supports you in your business. And any businessman or an entrepreneur can become a world citizen by having multiple countries’ nationalities. And to get or buy multiple countries’ passports, we team will help you get almost any country and as many as countries passports just in thirty days. And to know how will help you get multiple countries passports click the link and read the information –

To sell your product or service to your customer first and foremost you paster or Shepard your customers a person, like JESUS said that “I am the good Shepard”, so first you try and find your customer’s Problems and the find out the hidden pain in that problem and then find out how you can solve the problem and once you solve your customers’ problem then the customer will start liking you and then you can sell anything to them because they are under your favor and the customer likes you.

Selling is essentially the transfer of feelings from person to person. So, help your customers understand the consequences of ignoring the problems that they are facing. If you have money to invest, but you don’t have time, so you find someone who is ambitious and willing to put time and hard work, who have time but have no money, so invest in them and then you use their weakness(no money) and use your strength (have money) and grow your empire.

Inspire and empower your staff on a continuous basis whenever someone makes a sale or multiple sales. If you are using social media Facebook then keep a count on how much time you are spending and if you are using social media for business then try to make at least one friend per day so that at the end of the month you will make thirty friends and you will add thirty friends and that is network marketing. And to make friends on social media first try to find something in common and then send them a private message about the same interest and then let them get to know you and you get to know them first.

Normally we say that keep failing and learn from your mistakes but Grant Cardon who is his a mentor and a life coach to many people around the world, he determines that you to not to fail ever in anything that you do and before you do anything first you learn from other people’s mistakes and failures so that you don’t fail ever and that is a super-genius idea.

The world-famous renowned writer Dr. Napoleon Hill says that if you repeat the following system every day, then this system will absorb and grasp into your subconscious mind and will make this system a part of your life and character. And through this system you will develop qualities which will enhance you and will make you a pleasing personality and the system is as follows:

1. I will look for the good in others and school myself to deal gently with their faults.

2. I will avoid self-pity. Under all circumstances, I will seek stimulation to greater effort.

3. I will recognize and respect the difference between the material things I need and desire, and my rights to receive them.

4. I will cultivate the habit of “going the extra mile” – always rendering more and better service than is expected of me.

5. I will turn adversity and defeat into assets by remembering that they always carry with them the seed of equivalent benefits.

6. I will always conduct myself toward others in such a manner that I may never be ashamed to face the man I greet in the mirror each morning.

7. Finally, my daily prayer will be for wisdom to recognize and live my life in harmony with the overall purpose of the Creator.

And by repeating the following system every day will help you realize your greatest wishes:

1. I will channel my mind toward prosperity and success by keeping my thoughts as much as possible upon the major goal I have set for myself.

2. I will free my mind of self-made limitations by drawing upon the power of Infinite Intelligence through unlimited faith.

3. I will keep my mind free of greed and covetousness by sharing my blessings with those who are worthy to receive them.

4. I will substitute a positive type of discontentment for indolent self-satisfaction so I may continue to learn and grow both physically and spiritually.

5. I will keep an open mind, on all subjects and toward all people; so I may rise above intolerance.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm”. Enthusiasm is the “radio wave”, through your enthusiasm you are capable to send your enthusiasm to your customers and while you are trying to sell your product or services and if you show enthusiasm to them, then you transmit your enthusiasm to your customers automatically and your product or services gets sold because enthusiasm is more powerful than logic, any reason and even greater than the art of persuasion in getting your ideas, views, points across and in winning your customers.

Hope is the raw material with which you build success. Hope crystallizes into faith, faith into determination, and determination into action.

Did you know that every person in the world is a judge and it is an automatic process take place in every individual’s mind and try to analyze what sort of person you are and how you think and what make you influence and so on… So when you are selling then the first thing you need to focus on one thing only and that is, you must make the best impression possible in every instance. And once the buyer is impressed that means the deal is closed. And that means you sold your product or services that you are selling.

Miko C. Jones of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, made only a modest living as a farmer – until he was stricken down by paralysis. Then he discovered that his mind was greater than brawn and muscle power. His idea for “little Pig” sausages made him fabulously rich on the same farm which previously had yielded him only a living. This simply means that your mind is much more powerful than your muscles and if you use your mind incorrect direction then success will kiss your feat easily.

David Ogilvy says “ Once a salesman, always a salesman”. Good campaigns can run for many years without losing their selling power. His eyepatch campaign for Hathaway shirts ran for twenty-one years. And his campaign for Dove soap had been running for thirty-one years and Dove soap and Dove’s other products are now the bestsellers around the globe.

David Ogilvy says that once at the beginning of his careers he started working in a restaurant in Paris, France and there he learned from his Head Chef that if you run out of dishes and guests(customers) order the same dish which is out of stock, then what to do? His head chef told him that he would call every restaurant in town which produce the same dish and then go take a taxi and bring that dish and serve to the customers. Similarly, David says that at his advertising agency at Ogilvy, Benson & Mather we never say to a client that we can not produce an advertisement or a television commercial if we have promised our clients already. In every best establishment, promises are always kept and the given words are always respected, no matter what the cost can go up to because if you keep your promise and word that you give to your customers and if you keep it and fulfill then your customers won’t go anywhere else and that is your future investment. And that builds your reputation and brand.

Why you need to trust us
1. You need to trust us because we are specialized in this field
2. Honesty is the best policy- tell them some honest story

Do great work more than any other. Tony Castellano at KPMG said that “ the highest form of business development is delivering quality in everything you do”.

You must build a quality relationship with the customers. And it’s just not about the collecting business cards but you must be actually able to know them well and able to call them at any time and able to ask any favor and that kind of relationship you need to build with your customers or with your potential customers.

You may know that no two individuals are alike so never ever copy someone else or other business because you are not the same and keep it real.

The writer says that you must have a thick skin so that whenever there are a no-no and a disappointment in regards to a sale, then get on with it and move on and don’t take it personally.

Being persistent and staying positive is a game you need to play all the time to make a sale.

Selling is not actually selling from the customer’s perspective and from their perspective, the selling is actually solving their problems and when you solve their problem, then in return you benefit economically.

Writer Robert W. Bly in his book, The Copywriter’s Handbook says that by writing a copy(campaign, content) that relates to the customer’s problems and needs that build a bridge between you and your customer and that helps build a business relationship. Here the writer determines that you must write a story so that the customer can continue reading your sales copy. Always try and flatter and influence the reader(customer) by saying that you belong to some group or society that is superior and we are superior too and that is the reason we want to help you or you may try and flatter them by telling something you know about and by hearing to that your customer must feel proud about themselves.

The world-famous author Robert B. Cialdini in his book “Influence The Psychology Of Persuasion” points out that when you want to ask a favor, then you must provide a valid reason, such as, for an example, there was a lady whose son was hospitalized and she wanted some documents print outs and she went to a nearby library, where there is a long queue to take the print outs and then that lady started asking everyone that she has some kind of urgency and her son is in hospital and she needs a few print outs so would you guys do me a favor and let me the go-ahead to get those print out I need. And around ninety-five percent of people agreed to do a favor on her and allowed her to get those prints. So, similarly, you need to provide a valid reason when you ask a favor and then you get that favor you needed most.

Another thing the writer points out is that people like to buy expensive things, products, services. People think that if the product or service is expensive that means that has the quality and because of that quality reason, it is worth buying. So you must keep your product or service high enough so that consumers would think that your product, services have quality.

Here the writer Damian Ryan explains that the search engines have their own guidelines to maximize SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

• Optimising your website:
To many people, SEO appears to be something of a world, which is shrouded in a high tech mystery. And a complicated world which is full of secrets. And to understand the mystery of the SEO the writer asked a world-renowned and famous SEO expert Chris Bishop that what is the mystery of SEO and he said that if your website content supports the search and queries then Google search and other search engines will reward you by putting your website at the front page and if your website content is not new and unique and does not match the search results then the penalties will be imposed on your website content and your website will be put far behind or even removed from the search engine.
There are five categories of google algorithm which have evolved to serve separate on specific functions are as follows:

1. Penguin – This category improves the user experience by looking at the quality of the links to websites and this category seeks out and removes spammy looking websites from the search results and discourages the reckless acts of spammy link buildings and the accuracy of the search

2. Panda – This category is all about the website content with a huge territory to crawl over and search and remove any thin and low-quality content websites from the search return and it is wise to all the black hat activities such as keywords stuffing and cloaking in your content that the website developers used in the past.

3. Pigeon – This category works in local search and this provides the best matches to your search queries

4. Google Algorithm Itself – and this category is Precise and fast and accurate

5. The Mobile Search Algorithm – This category looks after and control and manages the whole new and different systems which are a mobile search and this category promotes the mobile-friendly websites

Overall the google search and other search engines promote and put websites ahead in the search results where websites and its content is user friendly and has its search query answer match and the content is good and authoritative otherwise where the content is not good and where the websites are not mobile-friendly and user friendly then the search engines penalize those websites.

Got Your Attention? in this book the writer Sam Horn says that entrepreneur Bill Gates once said that “if you show any problem to the public and also if you show that problem’s solution, then they will be moved to act”. It’s a smart thing to show and ask because it engages in two ways verbally as well as by seeing. And again the writer points out another quote from the famous and talented actor Leonardo DiCaprio, in the movie Django Unchained says “You had my curiosity but now you have my attention”.

Marketing Rebellion a book written by bestseller author of know Mark Schaefer points out that Albert Einstein’s quote “Whoever is careless in truth in small matters can not be trusted with important matters”.

In the book writer Mark Schaefer tells us that you are like Jeff Bezos. The richest man on the planet. As he Jeff Bezos said in his interviews, that most of the people ask me questions like what will change in the next ten years but no one ever asks me that what is not going to change in the next ten years, but he gives the answer to that and says, do you know what is stable? And the stable thing is that customers always want low prices for their products and services. And customers want faster delivery of their goods and services they buy. Amazon is the most disruptive company and Bezos gives a laser focus attention to detail by offering low prices, fast delivery, and vast selection.

And here the writer Schaefer quote that, when he was in college and he was studying journalism there he took some marketing classes and there he started getting interests in marketing because at that time he was introduced to Dr Philip Kotler’s textbooks and there he learned the principles of marketing and came across the description of marketing which is the blend Phycology, sociology, and anthropology and these are the most fascinating ideas of marketing. The practice of marketing is the intersection of all things human. The writer also says that we always learned about the four P’s of marketing which are product, price, place, and promotion, but here in this book Marketing Rebellion, the writer determines that there is another P which is the purpose.

What the consumers are missing in a high tech world is a high touch and there missing the satisfaction of the real relationship of knowing that other people care. They are missing the emotion, as he describes that if we go to a shop or to eat lunch in a restaurant, there everything is systematic and they are operating like robots and while serving customers even their smiles are not real. The brands need to be human-centric and approachable and vulnerable and not perfect.

Think about success and you will work towards success. First, conceive it and then believe it and then you can achieve it.

In the book, Confessions of an advertising man the writer who is called the father of advertising David Ogilvy points out a favourite provoke “ Hard work never killed a man”. Means that if you work hard then the hard work will not kill you but it will give you an abundance of money, fame, power, authority, richness that you need. And through hard work, you are bound to succeed in life. 

In the book Confessions Of An Advertising Man written by David Ogilvy, he says that above everything else when you need to build an intimate relationship with your client and then you both must like each other and that likeness will lead to a sale. If you and your client relationship are sour, it means that your relationship with your clients is bad then the sale won’t take place.

You need to have a piece of thorough knowledge about your product or service so that you can explain and answer all the questions your customers have and you will be able to provide all the benefits and uses when after they buy and you will be able to tell your customers what they will miss and lose if they don’t buy your products or services.

Mr Ogilvy in his book referred to Dr Johnson and he pointed out that, about two hundred years ago Dr Johnson said: “Promise, large promise is the soul of an advertisement.”

Mark Schaefer in his book Marketing Rebellion referred to Dr Robert Cialdini as he once got an opportunity to interview Dr Cialdini and during that interview writer, Mark Schaefer ask Dr Cialdini, about what can anybody do to stand out among all? and immediately without any hesitation, Dr Cialdini replied “Be more Human”, meaning that in a world where all these things are evaluated with the technology and algorithms and to stand out, all you need to be is, be realistic and be more human, and create content which is real, the content and do anything which help solves human problems and gives information, solutions on the real problems of the people. And the same thing is told by David Ogilvy in his book Confession of an Advertising Man, that “if you want your voice to be heard above this ear-splitting barrage, your voice must be unique. And it is your job and it is your business and it is your work to make heard your products and services voice to the consumer.

And in another occasion the Father of Advertising Mr Ogilvy asked “What makes a great surgeon?”, to a world-famous Dr Hugh Rigby, who was a Sergeant Surgeon who was appointed in King George Fifth hospital in England, and immediately he replied that “There is not much to choose between surgeons in manual dexterity, and what distinguishes the great surgeon is that one knows more than the other surgeons.” to become master and to become great, all you need to do is that you must possess more knowledge and information that the rest of them in whatever you do and the same principle applies in marketing and advertising fields.

When you are writing a campaign or writing a sales copy or copywriting then in the headline always use the two or one of two most powerful words, which are “NEW, FREE”. And there are few other words, which if you use them in your sales copy or in your blog or in your podcast or in your sales pitch or in your copywriting, then these words make wonders, which are given as follows, “HOW TO, SUDDENLY, NOW, ANNOUNCING, INTRODUCING, IT’S HERE, JUST ARRIVED, IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT, IMPROVEMENT, AMAZING, SENSATIONAL, REMARKABLE, REVOLUTIONARY, STARTING, MIRACLE, MAGIC, OFFER, QUICK, EASY, WANTED, CHALLENGE, ADVICE TO, THE TRUTH ABOUT, COMPARE, BARGAIN, HURRY, LAST CHANCE.”

There are few emotional words, which if you include in your blog post’s, the article’s, copywriting’s, sales copy’s headline, then these words will strengthen your headlines and the list of words are as follows: DEALING, LOVE, FEAR, BABY, FRIEND, PROUD.

1. BUILDING AN EMPIRE by Brian Carruthers
4. THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS by Napoleon Hill
6. HOW CLIENTS BUY by Tom McMakin and Doug Fletcher
11. MARKETING REBELLION by Mark Schaefer