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There is a legal loophole that helps to acquire citizenships of Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Finland, the USA & of many other countries without a lengthy residency, or by marriage, or by descent, or by ancestry, or by naturalization & it can be done without the need of a visa & without the need of entering any country & by saving time and that legal loophole is through adult child adoption.

And to this process in the legal term, we call it as “mayor adoption” meaning adult adoption (an adult person getting adopted). And the adoption process is followed by the International Hague Convention Act which came into effect from 29 May 1993.

Adoption is the formation of legal ties between two persons, who are not blood-related, one of them usually a childless who want to adopt or the other is usually an orphan who wants to get adopted.

Through adoption, one or two persons become legal parents of a child, permanently winning all the legal similar to biological parents’ rights and responsibilities. In many cases, adoption has to be registered by a judicial body such as family and adoption and social courts.

And anyone can use the adoption route as a loophole to obtain citizenship of any country, who has adult adoption law. And under the adult adoption law, the adoptee parent only needs to establish is that one of the biological parents has a long term relationship the child’s adoptee parent and the two are interested to marry each other and on that basis, they are legally allowed to adopt an adult person. And also those adoptee parents can legally share their assets to the adoptee adult child.
And when the adoption is registered in the family and adoption and social court issue then the courts usually issue an adoption order.
An “adoption order”  is a file that includes a birth certificate which is also called an adoption certificate and the rest of the documents explain the grounds and reasons for the adoption registration.
So, when the birth certificate is issued by the courts, that means the adult adopted person becomes the citizenship of the adoptee parents native country.  And another loophole is that when any person has a valid birth certificate issued to them then that person is officially eligible to apply for the passport and that person can acquire his/her passport and he/she must not have any criminal record at all in the adoptee parent country.
And to register the adoption in the court, that adult child and if the adoptee parent proves the adult adoptee person has some kind of an autistic disability then at the time of the passport application the adoptee child does not need to appear in the passport interview at the passport office or at any embassy.
And to register the adult person’s adoption the court the adult child or the parent needs to prepare and submit a “petition” file which must include the following documents –
1. A Self consent letter of the adult adoptee person & of the adoptee parent Signed.
2. Petition letter
3. Adoptee parents Will, Power of Attorney
4. Both the parties identities & proof of address.
The adoptee parent needs to establish the child’s autism disability conditions and on that basis, the process of the adoption registration and the issue of the passport becomes fast.
In the world, there is one in every 6 people has an autism disability and in this disability people with autism can not even write their own signature & can not even pose for a perfect passport picture.
So, for them, almost every government in the world has made online passports applications and they do not have to appear for biometrics at all because almost every country in the world governments understand that a person with a disability must be given exemptions from those requirements.
And followings are the questions & answers which will give more idea about the adult child adoption(mayor child adoption) registration process & how the adoptee adult person or the adoptee adult parent will receive Greek, Canadian, Spanish, Italian, USA citizenship & a fresh new passport.
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The website links which are given below, which will redirect you in a new tab to the international Hague convention act for the international minor & mayor child adoption policies.
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Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884 / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028 
1. What does Mayors Adoption Mean?

– A person aged over 18 is a mayor (adult) and mayors can accomplish adoption in the following nine European countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Austria, and Sweden as well as in the USA

2. How this adult child adoption(Mayor adoption) process is completed?

– With the help of solicitors and a network of the social workers around Europe & the USA & around the world people from those countries mentioned in point 1.

If willing to adopt an international adult person as their new adoptive child, then the solicitors or representatives can assist with the adoption & citizenship registration process, and by filing an adoption petition on behalf of the adoptive parents to the related country family, social & adoption courts.

3. How long does the process take?

– USA and Canada and the European countries 3 days for adoption registration followed by 5 to 8 working days for the passport application under emergency passport application.

4. What are the requirements to register the mayors(adult international child) adoption?

– To register the international adult child adoption

  • The adoptee child must be over the age of 18
  • The new adult adoptee international child must be able to provide a scanned copy of their birth certificate, passport or driving license or photo identity and school, college, university certificates (educational certificates) to us at our email to prepare the adoption petition file.
  • If there is a parent couple is adopting an international adult child as their new adoptee child then one of the adoptee parents must be over the age of 25.
  • Also, both the parties, the adoptee parent & the adoptee adult child must have an age gap of 14 years between them.
  • The adoptee parent must have any of the fixed assets listed below on their name: property, flats, villas, house, apartment, land, plot business

5. What if the adoptee child is not currently residing or living with the adoptive parent or not living or residing in the adoptive parent country, Can the adoptee international adult child still gets adopted, and can their adoption be registered in the adoptee parent country?

– Yes still the adoption can be registered, as long as the new adoptive parents are currently living or residing in their native country, then the adoption court can still accept the adoption petition, and the new adoptee international child can be anywhere in the world.

6. What if the adult adoptee person is a visa overstayer in the UK, the USA, or in a European country, can the new adoptee adult international person still be eligible to file a petition for mayors adoption?

– Yes, the adult international child can still get adopted because the solicitors and representatives do not need any legal immigration status, and the court where the solicitors register the adoption does not want to know or ask them, about the new adoptive child current visa or immigration status.

7.1. What is the guarantee for successful adoption?

– When the adoptee parents and adoption solicitor, caseworker submit the adoption petition in the court, at that time of the petition the solicitor provide the adoptee adult person provide an email address to the courts, so that when the court accepts the petition for the adoption registration, then the court sends an acknowledgement letter directly to the adoptee parent’s & adoptee adult person’s email address, and similarly when the adoption is registered and when the adoption order is issued, then again the court send these confirmation emails about the adoption registration.

7.2. What is the adoption order?

– The adoption order is a file which includes the following documents

  • A new birth certificate issued to the adoptee child
  • A new citizenship Certificate is issued to the adoptee child
  • A court verdict is issued, which explains what grounds and basis the adoption is registered and approved by the family and adoption courts.

8. What are the benefits of mayors adoption?

– There are many benefits for international adult person adoption and few are mentioned as follows – 

  • The adoptee international gets the new adoptive parent country citizenship with immediate effect as soon as the international adult adoption registration process is complete.
  • The child could seek a better quality of life.
  • This route/immigration loophole is being used to obtain the USA and European citizenship.
  • The adoptee international person family for e.g their spouse partner and children could also be eligible to obtain new citizenship within no time, with no hassle and at no extra cost.
  • When the adoption is registered, the adoptee child gets their new adoption certificate & new citizenship certificates issued from the adoption & family court and the adoptee child become a European or USA citizen and can start live, work, do business, in any European country as well as in the United Kingdom and in Europe.
  • Also, they get more than 180 countries for visa-free travel, and most countries allow for a holiday working visa.
  • Basically, they have an open door to the most desired countries in the world and If he or she is in the UK or European country or in the USA. The international adult child does not need to spend their money and time on visa extensions every year, framing and arranging work permits and solicitors to obtain the work permits, or neither they have to apply for student visa adjunction.
  •  And, the adoptee adult international child doesn’t have to appear for the test, like language tests, TOIEC, TOFEL, B1, B2, the life in the UK tests, citizenship tests, IELTS, and the settlement and residence checking services.

9. If the adult adoptee person has never heard about what is the mayors’ adoption process, and if the adult adoption process is completely new to them then, what they should do?

  • The adoptee adult person must find and consult an international adult adoption and family solicitors in the above-mentioned countries(refer to Q&A 1 to see a list of countries)
  • Search the internet e.g google and try and research and acquire more knowledge about the mayor adoption process
  • Call us directly and talk to one of our solicitors, caseworker and we can advise you (first free initial consultation, advice & assessment by JJ solicitors)
  • At each moment worldwide, there are thousands of mayor and minor adoptions take place with the help of various law firms and legal representative and now JJ’s intelligent solicitors also provide advice and arrangement for the mayors’ adoption registration process to our international customers, who are struggling day today to find a way through for a better life and to obtain visas or valid legal immigration status in the highly sophisticated EU visa policies.

10. The mayors’ adoption registration process sounds so simple. How would our adoptee adult person know whether any solicitor are capable of producing a successful outcome?

– The minor and major adoption process is known to people longing to adopt a mayor or minor child. With our solicitors who are supremely qualified and well-versed professionals, who are proficient in delivering successful results.

And also, we have provided information related to the international mayor and minor child adoption and ready to answer your questions.

11. Who are the assistants involved in the whole adoption registration process involved from start to end until the adoption registration, citizenship registration, and the passport application?

  • Mr. Raj Thakur is the owner and director of JJ
  • JJ solicitors & representatives
  • The new adoptee parents from above-mentioned countries (see the list of countries refer to Q&A 1)
  • The new adoptee adult international child
  • Our passport agents worldwide to manage passport applications to a related country passport application

12. Do the JJ solicitors help arrange the new parents for our international adult adoptee child customers?

– Yes, the JJ solicitors can arrange the new adoptive parents from the above-mentioned countries (refer to see the list of countries in Q&A 1 to our international adult adoptee customers.

13. How long does the passport application take?

– The Passport application takes additional time and is a completely different process from the adoption process and passport application would be made after the adoption registration process is completed and upon an issue of the citizenship certificate and the passport application can take a maximum of 5 to 8 working days. The time length varies from country to country.

14. How long does the whole process take from the start day of the adoption process and the passport application completion?

  • Start day – Both the parties email us their required documents to our email address and pay the initial fee.
  •  Within 2-3 days our solicitors are capable of preparing the new parent’s POWER of ATTORNEY, Self-consent letter (from both the parties), petition letters, docs (from both the parties) and make a whole new adoption petition file.
  • Day 3 the adoption petition submitted to the court to register the adoption legally & both the parties receive a court-issued acknowledgement receipt at their respective determined email addresses, sent by the family and adoption courts.
  • Both the parties (the adoptive parent & the international adult adoptee child) must wait for 2-4 days for standard court proceedings time to complete and to register the adoption and to obtain the adoption order file and the citizenship certificates
  • The adoptee child completes their 50% fee and then proceed for the passport application.
  • When our agents receive the new adoptee adult child signed passport application form, photograph, and biometric details(Fingerprints scan) and the original copies of the citizenship certificates and the adoption certificates, our agent apply for the passport
  • Passport arrives at the passport agent office or at the adoptee child (our client) address in 3 to 5 days
  • Total time length is under 30 days

15. Can the adoptee international adult child collect their new Spanish, Italian, German, Finland, USA, etc.. passport by themselves or receive it at their address?

– Yes, they can do so if they have paid their solicitor’s full fees and then the adoptee adult person can either collect their passport in person from the embassy or he/she can receive his/her passport by post from the embassy itself.

16. What exactly do the solicitors do in order to complete the whole adoption and passport and citizenship process?

  • Solicitors systematizes new parents for our international adult adoptee child clients.
  • Solicitors steer the adoptee adult person and the adoptee parents and file their petition in the adoption and family court in the related adoptive parent country.
  • Solicitors administer and represent the adoptee parents and the adoptee adult person throughout the mayor adoption process.
  • Solicitors consign expected successful outcomes for the adoptee adult person and the adoptee parent.

17. Where can the adoptee adult person find contact information, embassy address, office addresses for Spain, Italy, Germany, the USA, etc?

– Customers can find those contacts on the internet e.g on google.

18. How many adoption cases have successfully completed in the last five years in the world?

– Solicitors worldwide have successfully helped achieve mayor and minor adoption of thousands of cases globally.

19. How does the international adult adoptee child can update their visa and immigration status or any pending visa application with the UK home office or any other European country or USA where the international adult child is currently residing/living?

– When the international adult child adoption is registered then they need to return back to their adoptee country and then the adoptee adult person can return to the country where he/she wants to relocate.

20. Does the adult international child need to look after the new adoptive parents when the adoption registration process is complete?

– No, there is no need to look after the adoptee parents because the western adoptee parents do not have that culture.

21. Could the new international adoptee child be able to meet the new adoptive parents in person?

– Yes, they certainly can, their solicitors can arrange an appointment and both the parties certainly can meet and discuss the whole process face to face in the adoptee parents’ country.

22. Does the international child need to make any appointments to meet parents in Spain/Italy etc.?

– Yes, they can contact the adoptee parent and book an appointment at least one week prior.

23. Where do the new adoptive parents live? Are they native Spanish or Italian (Caucasian) or German, Canadian, etc..?

– The new adoptive parents mostly live in their own native country, also the parents must be usually very old people, who live in the care homes in their native country and their race, religion varies, but most of the parents could be Caucasian/native.

And all the parents would be over 70 years old to meet the 14-year age gap required between an adult (mayor) adoptee child.

24. Can anyone provide examples of previous successful cases?

– No, the solicitors never disclose any previous adoption details and documents to no one.

25. How can the international adult adoptee child start the process? What documents do they need to send and where do they need to send them?

– Email following scanned copies to:

List of documents required is given as follows:

  • Passport copy (picture page); in the same email, write your full passport details, including country of birth and full address.
  • Birth certificate or an additional form of ID (provisional or full driving license, ID card issued by the government, voter identification card, etc.).
  • And their school college university educational documents scan copies to our above-shown email address

26. Where does the adoptee adult person find the solicitor’s bank details to start the process?

– Call us or text us and the caseworkers would provide with the available account.

And the adult adoptee person needs an ID scan copy of the payee and bank registered address so that in return the solicitor’s finance guys can provide bank details.

27. How does the international adult adoptee child can verify the reliability and authenticity of the documents of their adoption letters and citizenship certificates and their newly issued passport?

– At every stage, the adult adoptee person and the adoptee parent receive the confirmation email from the related country Courts, passport office, Embassies – 

  • When the solicitors submit the adoption petition and when the adoption petition is accepted by the family and adoption courts then the court email the adult adoptee person the acknowledgement receipt
  • When the Adoption is registered and approved then the family and adoption court email you the confirmation of the issue of your adoption/birth certificate & also confirm the issue of the citizenship/ naturalization certificate and the court verdict.
  • When the passport application is being submitted to the related country passport office or at the embassy then the passport office or the embassy confirm the applicant by email.
  • When the passport is issued then the passport office or the embassy confirms the adult adoptee person by email.

Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884  / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028


  • When the adoption process is outright, the new adoptee international child’s current last name (Family name/surname) might change, but if they inform us at the time of starting the process then our solicitor can request the courts in the petition to keep the same surname.


  • International adult child adoption is certainly possible when the adult adoption is registered by the adoptive parent, and the adopted child is eligible to obtain new adoptive parents country nationality with immediate effect and they would be eligible to apply for the passport if they have no criminal background/record.
  • Solicitors and a network of the social workers around Europe & USA people from Germany, Italy, Spanish, Sweden, etc.. are willing to adopt an international adult person as their new adoptive child, then solicitors assist with the adoption & citizenship registration process, by filling adoption petition behalf of the adoptive parents to related country family, social & adoption courts.

Contact – UK Mobile and WhatsApp : +44 7444619884 / +44 7477117028