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We have more than 600 solicitors partners, lawyers partners, associates partners, chartered accountants partners, who are already successful in various legal subjects and who have their own offices & staff worldwide. And we are involved in many high profile businesses such as – information technology, artificial intelligence, Angadia – hundi – hawala international money transfer business, construction & land developers, construction material transporters, internet marketing, jewellers, international goods import & export, healthcare & hospitals, hospitality & travel & visa & immigration services business, legal services, producing films & movies, event services & stock brokering, human resources & recruitment headhunters, etc…

We have a brilliant & intelligent & genius & out of the box & outstanding & excellent legal loopholes solutions available that we offer to you our millionaire & billionaire & superrich clients(customers) worldwide.

And that legal loopholes solutions help you to get quick & easy citizenship, dual citizenship & a second or third passport or a fourth or fifth passport of Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus & Canada, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Portugal Finland, without even a lengthy residency stay, without even a visa & without even entering  those countries & by saving your precious time & that is through the adult child adoption & in the legal term, we call it mayor child adoption

Adoption is the formation of legal ties between two persons, who are not blood-related, one of them usually a childless who want to adopt or the other is usually an orphan who wants to get adopted. Through adoption, one or two persons become legal parents of a child, permanently winning all the legal similar to biological parents’ rights and responsibilities. In many cases, adoption has to be registered by a judicial body such as courts, etc….

And we use the adoption route a loophole to obtain citizenship for our international clients and with our clients’ consent, we establish in the adoption court that one of your biological parents has a long term relationship with your adoptee parent and the two are interested to marry each other and on that basis, the adoptive parent wants to adopt you and share their assets to you as an adoptee child. And when adoption is registered then the family and adoption court issue an adoption order, which is a file contains a birth certificate which is also called an adoption certificate and the rest of the documents explain the grounds and reasons for the adoption registration. So when you have your birth certificate issued that means you are a citizenship national of that country and on that basis, you are allowed to apply for the passport and you get your passport if you don’t have any criminal charges on you.
And to register the adoption, we need to prove to the family & adoption court, that although you look completely normal, you are an autistic adult, child & you are a disabled child aged between 18 to 60. So that when we apply for the passports on your behalf, you do not need to be present in the court to give your self consent at the time of your adoption registration in the court and our solicitor will be able to represent you and also you don’t need to go to the passport office to appear for an interview and don’t need to give your biometric at the passport office and you can be present in any country and our solicitors can apply for your passport and get it for you.
We establish your autism disability conditions because on that basis the process of the adoption registration and the issue of the passport is very fast. And just for your information that are lots of other autism disabilities present in the world where one in 6 people has this disability and in which people even can not write their own signature & even can not pose for a perfect passport picture. They even have online passports applications and don’t have to appear for biometrics at all because almost every country in the world governments understand that a person with a disability must be given exemptions from those requirements.
And followings are the questions & answers which will give you more idea about the adult child adoption(mayor child adoption) registration process & how you will receive your Greek Canadian Spanish Italian citizenship & your new passport.
Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884 / Skype – mivisa1111 / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028 / Viber number – +44 74 7711 7028
And for your information please click the links & read information about the international Hague convention act for the international minor & mayor child adoption policies.
1. Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption  –
2. Child Adoptions: Trends & Policies –
3. Information about applying for a passport disabled child(people) –
4. Watch the video of how Adult adoption registration takes place in the USA –
5. Adult adoption solicitors in California USA & website to Mioni Family Law Specialist solicitors in California, USA-
6. A Solicitor from the USA explains in a youtube video – how to adopt an adult child & their website –

8. An overview of the German adoption law –


9. An overview of the Spanish adoption law –

10. An overview of the Italian adoption law –
Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884 / Skype – mivisa1111 / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028 / Viber number – +44 74 7711 7028
1. What does Mayors Adoption Mean?

– A person aged over 18 is a mayor (adult) and mayors can accomplish adoption in the following nine European countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, Cyprus, Greece, Denmark, Austria, and Sweden as well as in the USA

2. How this adult child adoption(Mayor adoption) process is completed?

– With the help of JJ solicitors and a network of our social workers around Europe & the USA people from those countries mentioned in point 1.. is willing to adopt an international adult person as their new adoptive child, then our solicitors can assist with the adoption & citizenship registration process, by filing an adoption petition on behalf of the adoptive parents to the related country family, social & adoption courts.

3. How long does the process take?

– USA and Canada and the European countries 3 days for adoption registration followed by 5 to 8 working days for the passport application under emergency passport application.

4. What are the requirements to register the mayors(adult international child) adoption?

– To register the international adult child adoption

  • The adoptee child must be over the age of 18
  • The new adult adoptee international child must be able to provide a scanned copy of their birth certificate, passport or driving license or photo identity and school, college, university certificates (educational certificates) to us at our email to prepare the adoption petition file.
  • If there is a parent couple is adopting an international adult child as their new adoptee child then one of the adoptee parents must be over the age of 25.
  • Also, both the parties, the adoptee parent & the adoptee adult child must have an age gap of 14 years between them.
  • The adoptee parent must have any of the fixed assets listed below on their name: property, flats, villas, house, apartment, land, plot business

5. What if the adoptee child is not currently residing or living with the adoptive parent or not living or residing in the adoptive parent country, Can the adoptee international adult child still get adopted, and can their adoption be registered in the adoptee parent country?

– Yes still the adoption can be registered, as long as the new adoptive parents are currently living or residing in their native country, then the adoption court can still accept the adoption petition, and the new adoptee international child can be anywhere in the world.

6. What if I am a visa overstayer in the UK, the USA, or in a European country, can the new adoptee adult international child still be eligible to file a petition for mayors adoption?

– Yes, the adult international child can still get adopted because our solicitors and representatives do not need any legal immigration status, and the court where our solicitors register the adoption does not want to know or ask us, about the new adoptive child current visa or immigration status.

7.1. What is the guarantee for successful adoption?

– When our family and adoption solicitor caseworker submit the adoption petition in the court, at that time on the petition the solicitor provide the client(adoptee child) email address, so that when the court accepts the petition for the adoption registration, then the court sends the acknowledgment letter directly to our client email address, and similarly when the adoption is registered and when the adoption order is issued, then the court again send the confirmation of the adoption to the client email.

7.2. What is the adoption order?

– The adoption order is a file which includes the following documents

  • A new birth certificate issued to the adoptee child
  • A new citizenship Certificate is issued to the adoptee child
  • A court verdict is issued, which explains what grounds and basis the adoption is registered and approved by the family and adoption courts.

8. What are the benefits of mayors adoption?

– There are many benefits for international adult person adoption and few are mentioned as follows – 

  • The adoptee international gets the new adoptive parent country citizenship with immediate effect as soon as the international adult adoption registration process is complete.
  • The child could seek a better quality of life.
  • This route/immigration loophole is being used to obtain the USA and European citizenship.
  • The adoptee international person family for e.g their spouse partner and children could also be eligible to obtain new citizenship within no time, with no hassle and at no extra cost.
  • When the adoption is registered, the adoptee child gets their new adoption certificate & new citizenship certificates issued from the adoption & family court and the adoptee child become a European or USA citizen and can start live, work, do business, in any European country as well as in the United Kingdom and in Europe.
  • Also, they get more than 160 countries for visa-free travel, and most countries allow for a holiday working visa.
  • Basically, they have an open door to the most desired countries in the world and If he or she is in the UK or European country or in the USA. The international adult child does not need to spend their money and time on visa extensions every year, framing and arranging work permits and solicitors to obtain the work permits, or neither they have to apply for student visa adjunction.
  •  And, the adoptee adult international child doesn’t have to appear for the test, like language tests, TOIEC, TOFEL, B1, B2, the life in the UK tests, citizenship tests, IELTS, and the settlement and residence checking services.

9. If you have never heard about the mayors’ adoption process, If it is completely new to you then, what you should do?

  • You must find and consult an international adult adoption and family solicitors in the above-mentioned countries(refer to Q&A 1 to see a list of countries)
  • Search the internet e.g google and try and research and acquire more knowledge about the mayor adoption process
  • Call us directly and talk to one of our solicitors, caseworker and we can advise you (first free initial consultation, advice & assessment by JJ solicitors)
  • At present worldwide, there are thousands of mayor and minor adoptions take place with the help of various law firms and legal representative and now JJ’s intelligent solicitors are providing advice and arrangement for the mayors’ adoption registration process to our international customers, who are struggling day today to find a way through for a better life and to obtain visas or valid legal immigration status in the highly sophisticated EU visa policies.

10. The mayors’ adoption registration process sounds so simple. How would our adoption customers (our customers are both the adoptee parent and the adoptee international child) know whether we(JJs solicitors) are capable of producing a successful outcome?

– The minor and major adoption process is known to people longing to adopt a mayor or minor child. At JJ our solicitors are supremely qualified and well-versed professionals who are proficient in delivering successful results. And also, you can ask us any questions related to the international mayor and minor child adoption and we are ready to answer your question at the time, even when you call us for your first free initial assessment.

11. Who are the assistants involved in the whole adoption registration process involved from start to end until the adoption registration, citizenship registration, and the passport application?

  • Mr. Raj Thakur is the owner and director of JJ
  • JJ solicitors & representatives
  • The new adoptee parents from above-mentioned countries (see the list of countries refer to Q&A 1)
  • The new adoptee adult international child
  • Our passport agents worldwide to manage passport applications to a related country passport application

12. Do the JJ solicitors help arrange the new parents for our international adult adoptee child customers?

– Yes, the JJ solicitors can arrange the new adoptive parents from the above-mentioned countries (refer to see the list of countries in Q&A 1 to our international adult adoptee customers.

13. How long does the passport application take?

– The Passport application takes additional time and is a completely different process from the adoption process and passport application would be made after the adoption registration process is completed and upon an issue of the citizenship certificate and the passport application can take a maximum of 5 to 8 working days. The time length varies from country to country.

14. How long does the whole process take from the start day of the adoption process and the passport application completion?

  • Start day – Both the parties email us their required documents to our email address and pay the initial fee.
  •  Within 2-3 days our solicitors are capable of preparing the new parent’s POWER of ATTORNEY, Self-consent letter (from both the parties), petition letters, docs (from both the parties) and make a whole new adoption petition file.
  • Day 3 the adoption petition submitted to the court to register the adoption legally & both the parties receive a court-issued acknowledgment receipt at their respective determined email addresses, sent by the family and adoption courts.
  • Both the parties (the adoptive parent & the international adult adoptee child) must wait for 2-4 days for standard court proceedings time to complete and to register the adoption and to obtain the adoption order file and the citizenship certificates
  • The adoptee child completes their 50% fee and then proceed for the passport application.
  • When our agents receive the new adoptee adult child signed passport application form, photograph, and biometric details(Fingerprints scan) and the original copies of the citizenship certificates and the adoption certificates, our agent apply for the passport
  • Passport arrives at the passport agent office or at the adoptee child (our client) address in 3 to 5 days
  • Total time length is under 30 days

15. Can the adoptee international adult child collect their new Spanish, Italian, German, Finland, USA, etc.. passport by themselves or receive it at their address?

– Yes, they can only do so if they have paid our full fees then our passport agent can give out the new passport applicant address so that they can either collect their passport in person from the embassy or they can receive their passport by post from the embassy itself.

16. What exactly do JJ solicitors do in order to complete the whole adoption and passport and citizenship process?

  • JJ systematizes new parents for our international adult adoptee child clients.
  • JJ steers our patrons and files petition in the adoption and family court in the related adoptive parent country.
  • JJ administers and represents our clients throughout the major adoption process.
  • JJ consigns expected successful outcomes for our clients.

17. Where can I find contact information, embassy address, office addresses for Spain, Italy, Germany, the USA, etc?

– Customers can find those contacts on the internet e.g on google.

18. How many adoption cases have JJ successfully completed in the last five years?

– JJ solicitors have successfully helped achieve mayor and minor adoption of more than 2400 cases globally.

19. How does the international adult adoptee child can update their visa and immigration status or any pending visa application with the UK home office or any other European country or USA where the international adult child is currently residing/living?

– When the international adult child adoption is registered then they need to send the PDF scans file of their newly issued adoption letters and citizenship certificates to their current resident country visa and immigration agency, the authority to update their visa immigration status with immediate effect

20. Does the adult international child need to look after the new adoptive parents when the adoption registration process is complete?

– No, there is no need to because the parents charge their own fee from the adult international child and in return, they provide consent and support to register the adoption, so basically they do not need to but if they want to look after and take care of the new adoptive parents they certainly can if they wish, but it is not mandatory.

21. Could the new international adoptee child be able to meet the new adoptive parents in person?

– Yes, they certainly can, our solicitors can arrange an appointment and both the parties certainly can meet and discuss the whole process face to face in the parents’ country.

22. Does the international child need to make any appointments to meet parents in Spain/Italy etc.?

– Yes, they can contact us and book an appointment one week prior to this.

23. Where do the new adoptive parents live? Are they native Spanish or Italian (Caucasian) or German, etc..?

– The new adoptive parents live in their own native country, also the parents our solicitors arrange are usually very old people, who live in the care homes in their native country and. race, religion varies, but most of the parents are Caucasian/native. And all the parents our solicitors arrange are over 70 years old to meet the 14-year age gap required between an adult (mayor) adoptee child.

24. Can you provide examples of previous successful cases?

– No, we never disclose our previous client details and documents to anyone.

25. How can the international adult adoptee child start the process? What documents do they need to send and where do they need to send them?

– Customers need to email the following scanned copies to @

Documents required:

  • Passport copy (picture page); in the same email, write your full passport details, including country of birth and your full address.
  • Birth certificate or an additional form of ID (provisional or full driving license, ID card issued by the government, voter identification card, etc.).
  • And their school college university educational documents scan copies to our above-shown email address

26. Where do I find your bank details to start the process?

– Call us or text us and we will provide you with the available account. And we need an ID scan copy of the payee and bank registered address so that our finance guys can provide bank details.

27. How does the international adult adoptee child can verify the reliability and authenticity of the documents of their adoption letters and citizenship certificates and their newly issued passport?

– At every stage, you receive the confirmation email from the related country Courts, passport office, Embassies – 

  • When our solicitors submit your adoption petition and when the adoption petition is accepted by the family and adoption courts then the court email you the acknowledgment receipt
  • When the Adoption is registered and approved then the family and adoption court email you the confirmation of the issue of your adoption/birth certificate & also confirm the issue of the citizenship/ naturalization certificate and the court verdict.
  • When the passport application is submitted to the related country passport office or at the embassy then the passport office or the embassy confirm you by email.
  • When the passport is issued then the passport office or the embassy confirms you by email.

Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884 / Skype – mivisa1111 / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028 / Viber number – +44 74 7711 7028Note:

  • When the adoption process is outright, the new adoptee international child’s current last name (Family name/surname) might change, but if they inform us at the time of starting the process then our solicitor can request the courts in the petition to keep the same surname.
  • International adult child adoption is certainly possible when the adult adoption is registered by the adoptive parent, and the adopted child is eligible to obtain new adoptive parents country nationality with immediate effect and they would be eligible to apply for the passport if they have no criminal background/record.
  • When we start the process and when we receive the documents from both the parties, at that time our solicitor do a quick disclosure check of both the parties from the Interpol and from the related country, to know whether if the client is clean and have no criminal charges and no links with the terrorism. (We do not help and assist terrorists and convicted criminals.)
  • JJ solicitors and a network of our social workers around Europe & USA people from Germany, Italy, Spanish, Sweden, etc.. are willing to adopt an international adult person as their new adoptive child, then our solicitors assist with the adoption & citizenship registration process, by filling adoption petition behalf of the adoptive parents to related country family, social & adoption courts.

Contact – UK Mobile and WhatsApp : +44 7444619884 / +44 7477117028

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Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884 / Skype – mivisa1111 / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028 / Viber number – +44 74 7711 7028

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• Greek and Portuguese and Spanish and Italian and German and Belgium and all other European member states nationality law –
European migration network study – Pathways to citizenship in the EU member states – The link is as follows – But before we give you the link to the policy, we want to tell you that, they have given information about all the routes lead to EU members states citizenship but they haven’t given or pointed out citizenship through the adoption, because basically when someone gets adopted, whether it’s a child or an adult when the adoption is registered then the family and adoption courts instructs the registrar office to issue the “NEW BIRTH CERTIFICATE” that means the birth certificates are issued to the native people and not for the refugees or the naturalized people. So, technically the adoption route is still and will be giving the nationality and make the adoptee child or the adult adoptee person eligible to get a passport to travel internationally. And the adoption route completely skip the naturalisation and the refugee and the human rights and the marriage route on a legal and valid visa or even illegal residency route and this loophole works for any other country such as Canada and the UK and Australia and New Zealand and Japan and UAE and USA and to the rest of the world, so basically where ever you get adopted, whether you are a child or an adult, once you get adopted and once your adoption is registered and once your adoption order is issued that means along with your adoption order your new birth certificate is issued and that birth certificate gives you the nationality of your adoptee country and that birth certificate makes you eligible to apply and get your new passport from your adoptee country and that skip the UK Indefinite Leave to remain visa application and that make you skip your adoptee country citizenship obtaining process completely –

You might already know that the biggest advertising done through word of mouth, that means someone has already bought or used your product or services and whatever the feedback is from the users that are followed by other people, so to do the word of mouth advertising the other way is to start writing stories and those stories of consumers will work like word of mouth marketing. Write detailed stories about how they used your products or service and write the whole user experience story from buying to using and the benefits that they received. For example, one of our customers his name is Mr. Mehtab Alam. He is from Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. He is from a middle class(working-class family) and he came to the United Kingdom in the year 2007 on a student visa to pursue his Masters of Business Administration in Business Marketing and joined Aberdeen University and he successfully completed his studies and achieved his Degree Certificate and at that time in the UK government used to offer a two years free work permit visa sponsorship and it was named as “Fresh Talent Visa Scheme” for the international students who successfully complete their studies and achieve a degree.

So, Mr Mehtab Alam successfully completed his studies and got his degree and he also got his Fresh Talent Visa(work permit). And then he applied for the job in Aberdeen in a few places and he even got his job. His life was good and everything was good as he was earning good money in Pounds sterling and spending money on his lifestyle and some savings and some money he used to send to India to his family and one year passed by and the life was good and he got used to this new better lifestyle and the second year also passed by and then he had saved some money, which he used to extend his visa and there was a new visa scheme was introduced by the UK government which was called as Highly Talent Migrant Scheme which at first the UK government used to issue for total three years and followed by two years nonautomatic extensions and to get that HSMP visa the main requirement was the applicant must have over twenty thousand British pounds annual salary, which Mr Alam had because he is highly qualified. So by meeting this main requirement his hired one visa agent and paid him some money and applied for the HSMP visa and even he got his HSMP visa and then his life seems to very very good as he could earn big money and provide for him and have a good lifestyle as well as he was able to provide for his middle-class family back in India.

And then the government in the UK changed and they also changed and updated visa policies and introduced a new visa system and under those new updated visa rules and policies, he received an email stating that his HSMP visa was revoked and cancelled the UK government email was ordering him to leave the UK as soon as possible.

Now by this time he had to spend over 4 years in the UK and life was good and he was good and he got used to his current lifestyle and he decided not to leave the UK and he became illegal a visa overstayer. And then he was thrown out of his job because he had no valid work visa and he started taking jobs which are paid cash in hand and jobs which are dangerous, where there is no health and safety rules are followed and he started working under the so-called rough employers who used to pay less and exploit and beat their employees. And within no time Mr. Mehtab Alam’s life turned upside down and the reality hit him hard and he became destitute, homeless and his friends left him because he was illegal. But he didn’t leave the UK because he had one thing and that was the “hope he had, which he thought would bring him back to his better life in the UK” and he started working hard cash in hand hiding from the authorities and working illegally and still he managed to save money and he used to believe that some kind of miracle would happen and one day he would become legal immigrant from an illegal immigrant and that hope used to keep him in search for some arrangements which will make him legal and he used to search Google search and yahoo search and other search engines to search for any option that he can get or any process he can do that make him legal again and he found us through Google search and he read our international adult adoption process and he read and understood the international adult adoption process, and through the adult adoption process if someone native from Spain or from Germany or from Greece or from Cyprus is willing to adopt him the he could get a birth certificate along with his adoption registration documents and his adoption order documents and you may already know that those who have a valid birth certificate that makes them national of that country and then on that basis they can apply for the passport to travel international.

So, he contacted us and he was so happy and we helped him find adoptee parents who were willing to adopt him and they are from Spain and we did his adoption and he got Spanish nationality and passport although he was illegal in the UK and throughout the adoption process he was in the UK so our family and adoption solicitors represented him and registered his adoption and when he received his Spanish birth certificate and his Spanish passport then he informed the UK government that he is Spanish now and request the UK government to recognize him as a Spanish national and as a European national he must be allowed in the UK and the UK government recognized him as a Spanish national and updated his visa status from illegal Indian immigrant to legal Spanish national. And as a European Spanish national he was allowed to work, study, do business in the UK legally and ultimately he got his better life and his lifestyle back because he had a good reputed University MBA degree and he managed to get an even better job and annual salary and now just in years time he also managed to get the British nationality under long residency route and now he is having multiple countries citizenships and passports and he is living the dream and he went to India met his family and got married and now has one son who is three years old and another baby on the way and now he planning to start a real estate agency business and he also has one two-bed house mortgaged. And he is happy. And he is happy because he didn’t lose faith in his ability and that hope he had that lead him to be successful.

And, if you are in a similar kind of situation in the UK or in the USA or in Canada or in any European Schengen country or in Australia or in New Zealand or anywhere in the world or you may be in a different situation where you want to relocate because you may have the danger to your life or any other reason. You please rest assured, you contact us and we will help you get adopted and we will help you find adoptee parents and we will help you get Canadian, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Finnish, Swedish nationality and passports. And help you become a legal immigrant and help you relocate and help you move to a better country to have a better life and to earn good money.

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