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Political turmoil across the world and acts of terrorism in London and Europe may have made it difficult for normal hard working average people to get a visa to live, study and work in the United Kingdom. As the top solicitors in London and the top solicitors in the U. K. we have the experience in a consulting approach to obtaining a U. K. Visa, U. K. citizenship, and a United Kingdom work permit for Non-European clients.

We are the most experienced and savvy

immigration advisers

in the United Kingdom and immigration solicitors in London. Many people seeking a visa to enter the U. K. need the help of immigration solicitors that know the immigration loopholes that can speed up the process.

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provide immigration advice and provide intelligent solutions for any person seeking to enter the U. K. from any country. We provide free immigration advice that can lead to free immigration and a minimization of the paperwork and time a person spends waiting for visas.

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The immigration, visa, and permanent residency system that has developed have become so complicated and intense that many give up their dream of living and working in the U. K. and Europe. The top solicitors in the U. K. can help you make your dream of a better life a reality in much less time than you can on your own.

Our legal help, legal advice, immigration advice, free immigration advice, and expertise with visas and immigration services have made dreams come true for thousands of Europeans seeking to live, work, study, and enjoy life in the United Kingdom and Europe.

London solicitor visas services include a Canada visa, work permit visas the UK, work visa Europe, Ireland visa, settlement visa the UK, and indefinite leave to remain called the ILR.

Immigration solicitors can ease your path to obtaining a Tier 1 U. K. visa, Tier 2 U. K. visa, Tier 4 U. K. visa, tier 5 visa a settlement visa U. K.

Immigration solicitors in the United Kingdom allow you to get the documents like a U. K. work permit and entrepreneur visa so you can have an income.

Once you have an income you can bring your wife and children to the U. K. or anywhere in Europe with a spouse visa and dependent visa.

Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884 / Stockholm airport desk Tel : +8 519 71 156., Finland Helsinki airport desk – (09) 2316 9633, London Heathrow Airport desk – 020 3239 2989 / Skype – mivisa1111 / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028

Calls may be recorded for quality, security and training purposes.



Julian Swartz (JS) has many services to offer in the industry of obtaining a U.K visa whatever your purpose is. We are known for providing amazing and great amenities to all our past, present, and loyal customers all throughout the United Kingdom and Europe as a whole. Being famous as immigration solicitor, we will be able to offer intelligent solutions and a piece of immigration advice to you if you want to enter the country. Aside from that, our extraordinary things to provide encompass of the Business Trade Direct. Generally, this can give what you totally need and one thing is for sure, you will be complacent about it in the long run.

With us, you will be guaranteed of having Julian Swartz sharp and intelligent brokers in the country and you can even encounter this unique amenity worldwide. So, you will be given a lot of opportunities to experience our peculiar and great service in the same industry which can result to a conventional outcome that is available to you directly. In the field, we are highly knowledgeable and well-equipped to many things such as international broker business facilitation, and customary services that are remembered and perceived as having unmatched immigration brokers in London and United Kingdom as a whole.

Apart from that, we have expertise and abilities on custom made design software, facilitation wherein we can accomplish United Kingdom and Europe private and public tender contracts, marketing or advertising online, business ace brokers, virtuoso affair tax aid, hotshot amongst the facilitation on golden visa in Portugal, international recruitment administration or implementation, proceeding the law in the field of shipping, practice relevant professions law, leisure law and rule hotels, investment management advisory, and more.

With these things, we can assure you that during the real scenario you will realize that we are proven reputable and trusted in this business. In addition to that, all of the services that are salient on your part have the capacity to go beyond your specifications or requirements. In other words, we can go beyond what you anticipate from us and we can definitely provide various amenities that will best suit your necessities.

In the field of immigration process, we are competent enough to do all of your individual needs for the reason that we have immigration reinforcement that will truly help you obtain your U.K visa, and other important things. Being in the business for quite some time, we can assure you of enjoying your experience all throughout the process as it is fast and convenient on your part. Furthermore, you will be guided by our friendly and skilled representatives who can create rapport, light, and amicable atmosphere at all times. And, you will notice how different and outstanding our Business Trade Direct services are from our competitions in the country and in the world.

At Julian Swartz (JS), you will be able to receive the Business Trade Direct amenities in an excellent manner and you can always count on us when you are looking for other services as being said above.

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UK’s hospitality sector struggles in employing skilled workers over the years passed. With over a thousand ethnic restaurants in UK, most find it hard to find skilled workers in the hospitality sector particularly in support staff. Most of the said restaurants are looking for skilled chefs, those skilled in specific cuisines. To counter the difficulty of finding skilled workers, legal advice from UK immigration solicitors on entrepreneur visa is employed.

The hospitality industry is currently the fourth largest employer in UK and is one of the key players in jobs recovery. Most job opportunities in the hospitality sector are focused on hotels, food service management or contract catering, restaurants, nightclubs, leisure attraction, coffee shops, pubs and bar, self-catering and holiday centers. For skilled workers on hospitality to take advantage of these opportunities, acquiring a UK work permit is essential.

Those who are vying to apply and get involved in UK hospitality sector particularly needs advice relating to restricted as well as unrestricted sponsorship. On that note, the UK immigration tier system is one of the things that workers have to understand. The tier visa system is basically the main route for immigration that migrants outside of European Economic Area.

With the tier system, they will be allowed to study, train, invest and work in United Kingdom. The tier system is a points-based 5 tier system, meaning there are five “tiers”. In order for you to be eligible for Tier 1 UK visa, Tier 2 UK visa, Tier 3 UK visa, etc. you need to pass the points-based assessment. In the case of work permit visas in UK, the points are generally awarded based on your experience, age and ability.

For you to be awarded work visa UK, you must reach enough points score past the minimum points depending on the tier you applied to. For skilled workers in the hospitality sector, the tier 2 and tier 3 is the work visa that is most appropriate. The tier 3 is the category designed for those low-skilled workers but so far, the UK government has not allocated visas under this scheme.

On the other hand, the tier 2 is the most ideal category for skilled workers in the hospitality sector. This tier system is designed for skilled workers that have been transferred to the country through an international company and those that have been in answer to proven skills shortage in the country.

Thus, it applies ideally for hospitality sector that have been dealing with shortage of skilled workers. As for legal advice on entrepreneurship visa in London, the Julian Swartz Business Broker & Consultants are known to employ a most sensible and practical approach in obtaining the suitable sponsorship for skilled workers.

The JS Brokers are experienced UK immigration solicitors providing visas & immigration services for easy and faster processing of UK work visas. Julian Swartz is an ace business broker and UK immigration solicitors that provides custom made and unique services to help skilled workers to get their applications to be processed in the same day.

We cover London(United Kingdom), Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Leeds, Bradford, New castle, Belfast, Aberdeen, Devon, Hampshire, Birmingham, Durham, Dorset, Cheshire, Derbyshire.

Contact – UK Mobile : +44 7444619884 / Stockholm airport desk Tel : +8 519 71 156., Finland Helsinki airport desk – (09) 2316 9633, London Heathrow Airport desk – 020 3239 2989 / Skype – mivisa1111 / WhatsApp – +44 7477117028